For many organisations across the UK, the prevalence of harassment, aggression and violence faced by employees is an ongoing challenge; with much negative impact on the workforce, including and not limited to physical and emotional harm to staff, corporate litigation, negative publicity, loss of talent, and increased insurance costs to employers. Companies increasingly look at upskilling their employees in personal safety and de-escalation management, leading to a happier, more productive and confident workforce. 

Parallel to this however, for many organisations, sustainability of good personal safety practice is also challenging post training, partly due to staff turnover and partly due to complacency over time. 

Suzy's Charter for Workplace Safety provides a personal safety framework that can help organisations become fully compliant with excellent personal safety policies and protocols. Stakeholders and KPI's are created internally to ensure protocols and policies are adhered to, and since personal safety of employees in the workplace can only be effectively and sustainably achieved when employer and employees work together, the framework creates structures needed to ensure both fulfil their responsibilities.



The process is broken down into two parts:


1. Scoping Stage:

This is a fact-finding stage as outlined below, at a fixed cost, so that we can assess your current personal safety framework and provide a project proposal, which will outline all steps required, and the cost to become fully compliant with Suzy's Charter. 

  1. Needs Assessment - One hour consultation covering a range of questions relating to personal safety protocols and policies in place, as well as organisational objectives for Suzy's Charter going forward.
  2. Employee Focus Group - Three-hour focus group with up to ten non-managerial staff, bringing together sample representation from across functions and teams, to look at roles and remits, consider risks and concerns experienced by employees in the course of their everyday work.
  3. Management Focus Group - Three-hour focus group with up to ten mid-level and senior managers respectively.
  4. Personal Safety Policy Review - Provisional review of existing personal safety or risk assessment policy in place and mapping this across learnings from the focus groups.
  5. Results - All findings from the aforesaid will be collated and fed back through a proposal that outlines where the organisation is in the journey, what measures need to be implemented, how long the process may take, and what the associated costs may be.


2. Suzy's Charter Implementation

Once the scoping stage is successfully completed, if you decide to proceed with implementing the Charter, our policy experts will begin their work. It is important to note that all personal safety training must be commissioned with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. We are also happy to review, update or write your personal safety policy, however, if you decide to commission this work with another provider, this will still need to be signed off by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Other products or services needed to become compliant can be commissioned with external providers of your choice. 

Suzy's Charter for Workplace Safety contains 8 points required to become compliant. 


For further information regarding the Charter, please contact our Training team on 020 7091 0014 or via [email protected].