The Stalking Advocacy Caseworker Training course is aimed at professionals working with victims of stalking to enhance their advocacy and safety planning skills. It provides attendees with information on stalking behaviours, the impact and support needs of victims, stalker typologies, navigating the criminal justice system, civil remedies and safety planning. The course has been developed in conjunction with independent consultants, offering significant expertise and experience working in the Violence Against Women and Girls Sector. The course takes place across seven days with a mix of virtual and classroom-based delivery. The assessments will take place in person and will be supported by staff who have the relevant training and experience to make such assessments.

Stalking advocacy training focuses on the practical application of stalking advocacy skills, supporting stalking victims, and advocating on their behalf to navigate the criminal justice process and other statutory bodies such as housing and social services


This training is suitable for staff who already have a robust knowledge of gender-based crime and who are already skilled in supporting victims; meaning they do not have to attend stalking awareness workshops prior to attending these sessions. It is recommended for any professional who will be working as an advocate for stalking victims, plus management who will be supporting them. It is also suitable for professionals such as senior domestic abuse professionals wishing to expand their skills. Attendees will need to be working in a relevant advocacy role supporting those affected by stalking within the UK.


This includes:

  • Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates (IDVAs)
  • Domestic Abuse Caseworkers
  • Refuge caseworkers
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVA)
  • Independent Gender-based Violence Advocates (IGVAs)
  • Police and probation
  • Housing officers and social workers
  • Heath practitioners


On completion, attendees will be equipped to respond effectively and safely to victims of stalking within their professions. This will increase their capacity to provide much needed support in a tailored and specific manner to benefit the victims that they come into contact with. This may open up professional opportunities to develop or apply for different roles which specifically supports victims of stalking.

This course may be considered as a precursor to the Psychological Advocacy to Heal from Stalking (PATHS) qualification, a truly trauma focused approach to supporting and empowering stalking victims which has been accredited by OCN London and evaluated independently by AVA.


Upcoming dates:

April to June 2024 (6.5 days across the three months)


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