Trackplot is a lone worker monitoring system designed for people who work alone outdoors.

A lone worker is exposed to significant risk simply because they work alone. They behave differently compared to those working in teams and inherently take more risks. If a lone worker does have an accident, this potentially could be compounded as they are alone without help at hand. Lone worker risk assessments, safety policies and control measures should be more rigorous than those for other workers to take account of these facts.

We have 2 options, Trackplot World and Trackplot Mobile, and both packages are integrated with the Trackplot Portal, our interactive online platform which is accessible 24/7.


How do I know which is the best solution for me?

The locations in which your lone workers operate, the work they do and their access to communications determine the prevailing risks and inform the response that is needed in an emergency situation.

Trackplot World

If your lone workers have no, poor or unreliable mobile phone reception in the locations they work then they will use Trackplot World. This uses satellite communication technology and does not need mobile phone reception to work.

Trackplot Mobile

If your lone workers have access to strong, reliable mobile phone reception in the locations where they work then they will use Trackplot Mobile. Simple and convenient to use the Trackplot Mobile app uses the mobile phone network.

Whatever your lone working needs are, we’re here for you, every step of the way.