National Personal Safety Day 2018 - Stay Safe At Work

On National Personal Safety Day, 8th November 2018, we launched the Stay Safe At Work campaign and the results of our retail workplace safety survey highlighting personal safety risks to workers in the retail sector. Read more

Personal safety for young people

Suzy Lamplugh Trust is proud to help support young people to be safer and feel safer Read more

Safe As Houses

Whether you’re working in the housing sector, or hoping to rent or buy, consider your safety before visiting a property Read more

Shine a light

We have developed a range of campaign tools to help you if you are concerned about street lighting reductions in your area Read more

Staying safe on the doorstep

Staying Safe on the Doorstep is a campaigning that promotes personal safety for elected officials, candidates and campaign staff when they are canvassing for support. Read more

Taxi and PHV safety

Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s longest running campaign has been for the licensing of the operators and drivers of minicabs in London. Every year hundreds of crimes, including many rapes and sexual assaults, are linked to illegal and unlicensed minicab drivers. Read more