Stalking is still not being taken seriously

Suzy Lamplugh Trust is deeply concerned about the reduction in conviction rates for stalkers from 2016 to 2017 and the record number of stalkers given suspended sentences in 2017.Read more

Suzy Lamplugh Trust responds to the Sentencing Council Intimidatory Offences guidelines

Suzy Lamplugh Trust welcome the new sentencing guidelines but is disappointed that the key recommendation to separate stalking and harassment guidelines has been rejected.Read more

Safety concerns about Uber are the tip of the iceberg. We must do more to address safety standards in taxi and private hire licensing across the board

Suzy Lamplugh Trust welcomes the steps Uber has taken to satisfy the court that it has improved its safety standards. However, as a charity that has campaigned on issues of personal safety for over 30 years, it remains concerned at the inconsistencies between driver safety policies set by licensing authorities across the UK due to a lack of national standards. Suzy Lamplugh Trust is calling for an overhaul of current licensing standards for all licensing authorities.Read more

Calling all students: Have you experienced unwanted behaviour, attention, harassment?

Share your experiences to improve the way #universities address & tackle these issuesRead more

Institute of Licensing set out steps to keep safe when using Taxis

To mark National Licensing Week the Institute of Licensing have set out steps that member of public should take when booking and using Taxis.Read more

Office for National Statistics data shows the importance of agencies making #ReportingStalking a strategic priority

The Office for National Statistics has released local data on stalking, harassment, and malicious communication statistics. While we welcome the Office for National Statistics including stalking in the recorded offences data, it is disappointing to see three different crimes merged into one figure. It is vitally important to recognise these behaviours as distinct crimes.Read more

Cambridgeshire Police and Suzy Lamplugh Trust joint initiative to improve support for victims of stalking

An innovative collaboration will be taking place between Cambridgeshire police and Suzy Lamplugh TrustRead more