Small Charity Conference

Our personal safety conferences will be for small charities with an annual turnover less than £500,000 per year. There will be 2 in 2017, one in April, and one in October.Read more

National Personal Safety Awards 2017

Recognising Accomplishment in Personal Safety Suzy Lamplugh Trust, in partnership with Peoplesafe, is calling for nominations for the National Personal Safety Awards. These awards recognise people or groups who have promoted personal safety in an exceptional way.Read more

Increased sentences for stalking

Suzy Lamplugh Trust welcomes longer sentences for stalking offenders whilst calling for more training for frontline criminal justice professionals.Read more

Suzy Lamplugh Trust statement on Stalking Protection Orders

Suzy Lamplugh Trust responds to the Home Office announcement introducing Stalking Protection Orders.Read more

National Stalking Consortium calls for commitment to stalking

Suzy Lamplugh Trust, as part of the National Stalking Consortium, calls for commitment across the criminal justice system to victims of stalking.Read more

Suzy's Code

Suzy's Code 30 years on, calls for ‘Suzy’s Code’ to be adopted by all estate agents to improve personal safety.Read more